Coding your dreams!


Mobile Apps

With a mobile app your customers will always the pocket (theirs).
Oh and by the way we love turning your ideas into something real!

We develop and publish mobile apps for different mobile platforms, always great looks and performance!

Describe us your ideas and we’ll be please to give you a free budget!


Tv Apps

Did you know that you can put apps on your Tv?
Yes, if your Tv is a “SMART TV”, we are there, get your ideas and products on the home’s biggest screen!

For now we only developed for Samsung Smart TV’s but if you are interested in others platforms, say something. We love challenges!

PC software/apps

Need a software that you can’t find in the market?
Adapted to your needs?

We develop software for Windows and Linux. Tell us what your needs are and we’ll be please to transform your ideas into icons, windows, buttons,tables, data-bases, forms…

Let’s work together?
If you think that we can do anything for you that is not on “What we do” drop us a line, probably we do it to.