Sr. Jim! - Privacy Policy

At this Privacy Policy you can know how he collect and use your “personal information” and “others information” that we have access about you.

Please realize that in general, we avoid collecting any data of or users, but unfortunately we are forced to collect it to keep some functionalities and special features in our services.

So, what is personal information and what we collect?
“Personal information” is all information that identifies you.
In general we don’t collect nothing that can identify you, but if you contact us directly for any reason, we may keep a copy of that for support reasons.

Collection of other information:
To understand or services we are forced to collect some data to statistics, such as devise models, devise specifications, operative system, time spend, country of accesses, last accesses, and so.

Third parties:
Our services also contain third parties policies that we can’t control, for example:

Google Analytics:
Google Services:
(Google Play Games)
Unity Services:
(Unity Ads, Unity Analytics)

Or compliance:
We will not sell or distribute your personal information to any third parties unless we have your permission or that are required by law. We like our customers more that everything, if you wish to access your “personal information”, please make your request to us as soon as possible, but please be aware that in order to protect you we will require some identification documents from you before releasing any information to you.

Policy updates:
This Privacy Policy may change from time to time during the futures services updates. We will always keep this up to date so that you know what information we will collect from you, how and why we may use it.
The most resent version can hallways be found were at:

Contact information:
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us through or website contact section at: